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The Most Popular Games on Game Avatar Online

If you’re just getting started at our site, you’ll definitely want to know what the most popular games are so that you can begin playing them right away!

1. This is the ultimate dressup game for girls

This dress up game is perfect for young girls who love fashion. Boys can play too! Not only will you be able to dress up our lovely model in the outfits of your choice, but you also get to design her makeup and hair. Make her look fabulous! Choose from a wide range of clothing items, shoes and cute accessories.

2. Racing Extreme offers thrills at every turn.

Most people love a good racing video game, and our Grand Prix game is no exception. This is our number one game on the site right now. You can unlock different achievements as you progress throughout the game and try to reach the finish before any of the other drivers.

3. Become a knight and form your own destiny.

As a knight in shining armor in this game, you will need to force your way to the fort to save the day. During your quest, you’ll need to fight off ogres and the opposing army with your skills and savvy as well. It’s going to be difficult, but you can do it!

4. Beat the computer at some tough trivia questions.

Do you feel like you’re good at trivia? If so, you may be able to beat the computer and win the championship trivia competition that everyone is talking about. Our trivia questions range from math problems to science challenges and pop-culture questions about TV, music and movies. Even if you don’t know how to answer the questions correctly, you will definitely learn something. There’s always room for improvement as well!

5. Mini golf is the most challenging game on our site.

It might sound crazy, but people are going crazy over our mini golf game because it is such a difficult challenge for players. The first few levels will be a cinch for any avid gamer, but as you progress throughout the 50 levels, you will notice that the challenges get increasingly difficult. Give it your all and you will soon find yourself completely addicted!

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